Objectives of the Istanbul Economic Summit;




Now breathe… Hold… Let go now. Even the breath we exhale is not the breath we breathe anymore. It has changed, transformed… The oxygen you receive is no longer there. This is the natural result of the breathing cycle. Now consider our world. That the world breathes… That the world lives… That the world lives with everything in it… Imagine that we determine the breathing cycle of the world. The fossil fuels we use to generate energy are the main determinants of this cycle. The greenhouse gases we release into the world envelop the world like a blanket, preventing the energy from the sun from going beyond the atmosphere. This energy, trapped on earth, inevitably causes our planet to warm. The breath of the world is not the same anymore. What kind of a path will we follow as the world makes carbon-free development plans confronted with the climate crisis created by developing technologies?


Our world is more interconnected today than ever before. Increasing access to technology and knowledge is an important method for sharing ideas and supporting innovation. Coordinating policies that will help developing countries manage their debt and encouraging investments in the least developed countries are vital to achieving sustainable growth and development.

We are in a period where globalization is bringing people, countries and even continents closer and mutual interaction increases and physical borders disappear. With the effect of the fragility in the world economy, numerous companies change hands, and states encourage entrepreneurs who want to buy companies in the international arena. Victory of no longer with the army, strong economies, which won with a strong company today to invest in our country of foreign companies, Turkish companies in different sectors of buyouts in the international arena, to Turkey can be a country of investment, not borrowers, high value-added products generating increasing the number and sector diversification To be a steering and coordinator institution besides strong lobbying activities; It is the vision of the Istanbul Economic Summit.

At the beginning of a time of great assistance in that country that deepening the gap between consumption in the world with a daily production data are from Turkey. Production compatible with the developing technology, the qualified workforce required for this production, that is, education, progressive and rising industrial industry and production, employment play a key role in this process for businesses and our country. Recent studies in renewable energy in our country are very important and promising. Turkey attracted the most the most investment in renewable energy in Europe 7 Country olmuştur.çin in emerging and subsequently all over the world after the neighboring countries before the virus to spread chorus went down in history as an effective epidemic enough to reveal a new global order. This period was one of the examples of countries fighting in Turkey secretion. The whole world has seen the success of our epidemic strategy. Diagnosis and treatment, patient management, infection prevention algorithms were also prepared and shared with all of Turkey in this process. In this period, another advantage was that the hospitals were sufficient in every sense.


Expanding infrastructure to provide clean energy and upgrading technology in all developing countries is a critical goal that can both stimulate growth and contribute to the environment. On the other hand, progress has been limited in other regions such as South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, where 80% of those in extreme poverty live. The new threats brought about by climate change, conflict and food insecurity point to a lot more work to get people out of poverty. In order to overcome growing inequalities, it is imperative to adopt robust policies that empower the lowest income 10% and support the economic participation of everyone regardless of gender, race and ethnicity. Inequality in income distribution is a global problem that demands global solutions.

Ensuring that women have equal rights to economic resources such as land and property is a vital goal to achieve this goal. The aim is to provide full and productive employment, decent work for all women and men, keeping these goals in mind.


Today's market trends and rapidly changing economic factors drive users and businesses to work more and more every day. The number of employees who travel frequently, work from home, rarely come to the office has exceeded 1 billion and continues to increase rapidly. Therefore, in today's business life, people move too much and try to use time in the most efficient way while doing this, causing technology to be built on this context. Thanks to the developing technology, people can communicate, access information, watch videos, check their e-mails or send and receive documents even while on the move. In short, mobility gives people the opportunity to manage and do business wherever and whenever they want.


Planning the structural and technical features of healthcare services with an understanding that can be sustained efficiently, with high quality, rapidly and economically has become one of the most discussed issues in recent years. Services can be taken further; in other words, it will be possible by activating the service units or by taking measures to ensure the use of existing facilities more effectively and efficiently. The aim is to ensure that everyone has access to general healthcare, safe and accessible medicines and vaccines.

To achieve economic growth and sustainable development, we must immediately reduce our ecological footprint by changing the way we produce and consume goods and resources. The largest water consumer in the world is agriculture, and agricultural irrigation reaches approximately 70% of all fresh water used by humans.



While human beings increase the quality of life day by day with technology, our planet tries to keep up with this change and shares its beauties with human beings generously. Tourism, cultural integrity, ecological processes, biodiversity and life-sustaining systems are maintained by protecting the environment with or without human interaction, and at the same time, all resources will meet the economic, social and aesthetic needs of the people and tourists in the area visited. It must be managed in such a way that generations can meet the same needs.


Developing the economy for thousands of years, with the acceleration of communication, Covid-19, which entered our lives in January 2019, created a new globalized world economy and our world has changed with humanity.


The climate crisis, the transition to the digital world, and the global trade wars are forcing our world to change and transform. We are going through a period of geopolitical and geoeconomic uncertainties in the world. It should not be expected that this fog curtain over the world will rise by itself. Instead of leaving these uncertainties to a solution in its own flow, the "Global System" needs to take proactive steps on issues that pose an urgent risk.


In order to build a sustainable and beautiful world, by establishing a balance between human and nature, without harming natural resources, by ensuring that resources are consumed consciously, we will ensure that the needs of future generations are met and developed with the mission of ensuring the life and development of today and the future. We invite you to act together. It is time to turn these plans into actions and investments that will change the lives of our citizens and contribute to the rapid recovery of our economies and societies.





In an environment where fragility in the world economy is increasing and the pace of change makes it difficult to make predictions; To be one of the most respected civic discussion platforms of the world economy, which ensures effective coordination among countries, sectors and institutions, anticipates changes and designs actions for the continuity of development, and guides through strong lobbying activities.



To take concrete initiatives in determining new investment opportunities and to create a strong basis for their promotion in the international arena, to trigger significant new commercial activities by going beyond being an effective communication platform between global business stakeholders and to ensure that the relations between stakeholders are strengthened and carried into the future.


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